NHL Predictions, Odds, and Analysis – Season 2020/2021

The 2020/2021 NHL season tentatively begins on January 1, 2021, and top online sportsbooks are providing odds for the next Stanley Cup winner and the conference winners! Choose your best bookie and proceed to bet!

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Predictions

Tampa Bay Lightning were the winners of the 2020 NHL Stanley Cup after winning over Dallas Stars. Another season beckons and the odds are already out! Heading into the 2020/2021 season, who are the favourites to win the cup?

Many of the top bookmakers have provided the odds but the most popular of them include:

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There currently isn’t any offer provided on the event but mentioned above are the welcome bonuses you can expect on the bookies. Aside from the Stanley Cup 2021 predictions, two more NHL markets stand out and have also had their odds provided and we shall provide our predictions on them;

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Tips & Predictions

Here are the top 3 picks to win the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 from each bookie (in order)


  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tampa Bay Lightning


  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tampa Bay Lightning


  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tampa Bay Lightning


  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Vegas Golden Knights


  • Colorado Avalanche
  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Predicted Winners

Last season’s favourites Tampa Bay Lightning won the cup but the bookies are predicting a different winner of the NHL Stanley Cup 2021. Most of the bookies listed above are predicting these three teams to win;

Colorado Avalanche+750+750+700+750+700
Vegas Golden Knights+800+750+700+800+750
Tampa Bay Lightning+900+950+800+750+750

The Colorado Avalanche are placed as the favourites to win the NHL Stanley Cup 2021. The team looks good with a crop of young prospects that are ‘NHL-ready’. The addition of Brandon Saad and Dennis Gilbert looks to further put them ahead of the rest.

Vegas Golden Knights have also been tipped as the second favourite to win the Stanley Cup in the 2020/2021 season. They have been active in the free agency and this raises their stake higher in the quest of landing the cup. Holders Tampa Bay is the third favourite to clinch the cup once more according to the bookies. This is because they have moved players off their roster for salary cap reasons.

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Predicted Underdogs

Some of the longshots to consider for the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 include;

  • Vancouver Canucks – They boast a team with young talent and put on great performances during the last playoffs
  • New York Rangers – The Rangers’ potential is undoubted with names such as; Mika Zibanejad, Artemi Panarin, and Igor Shestyorkin.
  • New York Islanders – The Islanders gave Tampa Bay a run for their money taking them six games in the finals of the Eastern Conference. Worth your try!
  • Louis Blues – Finished last season on a high with 94 regular-season points. Their off-season is an avenue to keep an eye on, however.
Vancouver Canucks+3500+3100+2500+2500+2200
New York Rangers+2700+2600+2000+2800+2500
New York Islanders+2700+2600+2200+2200+2000
St. Louis Blues+1700+1800+1800+2200+1800

NHL Eastern Conference 2020/2021 Predicted Winner

The Tampa Bay Lightning is the predicted favourite to win the Eastern Conference. While the team has moved players from their roster, there still seems no team to match their exploits. They won last season’s NHL Stanley Cup and are backed to win the Eastern Conference.

Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs are also backed to have a great season and provide sort of a rivalry to Tampa Bay. The Bruins, in the 2019/2020 season, finished atop with the Lightning in the Eastern Conference. The Leafs, on the other hand, has had a quite busy off-season to add to their veteran squad. They have added an edge on the goal-scoring department and also on the defence.

The additions of Jimmy Vesey, Joe Thornton, Zach Bogosian, TJ Brodie, and Wayne Simmonds add up to the potential upset by the Leafs. Here are the odds offered by FanDuel and BetOnline;

Tampa Bay Lightning+400+400
Boston Bruins+750+600
Toronto Maple Leafs+900+900
Philadelphia Flyers+1000+650
Pittsburgh Penguins+1000+1000
Washington Capitals+1000+900
New York Islanders+1200+1300
Carolina Hurricanes+1400+1000
New York Rangers+1400+1300
Montreal Canadiens+1800+2400
Columbus Blue Jackets+2500+2100
Florida Panthers+2500+2100
New Jersey Devils+2800+3100
Buffalo Sabres+3300+2100
Ottawa Senators+5000+6500
Detroit Red Wings+8000+8500

NHL Eastern Conference 2020/2021 Predicted Underdogs

Aside from the aforementioned three favourites to win the Eastern Conference, how about some of the longshots for the Eastern Conference?

Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, and Pittsburgh Penguins should be worth your watch! The Capitals have strengthened their squad with the additions of Henrik Lundqvist and Justin Schultz. If the Flyers can add one or two to their squad, then they fit in the bill of contenders. It has been a quiet off-season from them so far. But on the bright side, the past season has seen them gain more experience and with no cap space issues, they look good so far.

Other teams to watch are the Islanders and Hurricanes.

NHL Western Conference 2020/2021 Predicted Winner

Colorado Avalanche is the favourite to win the Western Conference. The team looks ready to get the season going and is also the favourites to win the NHL Stanley Cup 2021. The additions made so far and the young prospects ready to get into the NHL makes this team the favourite. Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars, and St. Louis Blues are also in the mix as top contenders for the coming season.

Here are the odds offered by BetOnline and FanDuel;

Colorado Avalanche+325+350
Vegas Golden Knights+375+350
Dallas Stars+1000+900
St. Louis Blues+1000+900
Edmonton Oilers+1200+1000
Vancouver Canucks+1400+1300
Nashville Predators+1600+1300
Winnipeg Jets+1800+1700
Arizona Coyotes+2000+2800
Calgary Flames+2000+1200
San Jose Sharks+2500+2100
Minnesota Wild+2800+2400
Los Angeles Kings+3300+2800
Anaheim Ducks+4000+3200
Chicago Blackhawks+4000+2400

NHL Western Conference 2020/2021 Predicted Underdogs

NHL Betting

Some of the longshots/underdogs for the Western Conference include;

Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, and Nashville Predators. Vancouver Canucks put on great performances last season and is a team with young players and looks to challenge again. Edmonton Oilers and Nashville Predators are other longshots.

2020/2021 NHL Season Odds Comparison

The operators offer different odds on different events. However, what’s standard is that the five operators on our guide have all provided competitive odds. What distinguishes the best from the rest depends on the betting margins offered and the different markets provided.

From our three major events, different bookies have come out on top. To bet on the NHL Stanley Cup 2021, DraftKings has provided the best odds both for the favourites and the underdogs. For the Eastern Conference and Western Conference markets, BetOnline has offered the best odds and gets to be the most preferred.

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Common Bet Forms

The journey to winning the NHL Stanley Cup will have various stages that players will bet on before a winner finally lands on the cup. It is a process and below are the stages/bet forms that you will find on the operators;

The Stanley Cup will have playoffs where the top 16 teams (Top 8 of every conference) will have three rounds to face off. The rounds present different bet forms you will find on the bookies.

  • Round 1 – Referred to as Conference Quarterfinals – Teams from each conference are matched up against the other depending on the seed position. The highest team faces the lowest team as follows 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5.
  • Round 2 – Conference Semis – The top remaining seed is pitted against the lowest remaining seed with the other remaining teams playing against each other
  • Round 3 – Conference Finals – the two remaining teams play against each other with the winner crowned as the Conference Champion
  • Stanley Cup Finals – The two conference champions face each other to win the Stanley Cup

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 Special Bets

Aside from the common bets where you can bet on the winner of round 1, 2, 3, and the ultimate final, the operators aforementioned will also offer special bets that you can make. They include;

  • Goalscorers Bets
  • Exact Total Goals Bets
  • Highest Scoring Period Bets
  • Time of 1st Score Bets
  • Total – Odd/Even

Top 3 types of bets to choose

NHL Betting - Types of Bets

Some of the types of NHL bets you can make on the operators include;

  • NHL Moneyline bets – These are the most straightforward and simple wagers to make on NHL games. The task is simply to choose the team that wins in the game. Players will have the option of backing a favourite or an underdog.
  • NHL Totals Bets – This is betting on the total number of goals per line. From the line given, a player needs to predict if the cumulative goal total goes above or below the line.
  • NHL Prop Bets – This is betting on special occurrences or players in a game and is not tied to the final scores. One might predict on a player having over 2.5 shots or also predict the number of assists

Other special bets you can expect include NHL Puck Line bets and NHL Parlay Bets.

NHL Betting Related FAQs

What is NHL Stanley Cup 2021 outright betting?

This is betting on the outcome of the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 rather than betting on every playoff game building up to the finals of the cup competition. The markets are available before and after the cup competition starts.

Who will win the NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

The competition is yet to start but most of the bookies have backed Colorado Avalanche as favourites. However, they also back Vegas Golden Knights and holders Tampa Bay Lightning to be in the mix.

How to bet on NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

All the five bookies we have mentioned in our guide have all provided the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 betting market where you can pick the outright winner. Just log into your account on any of the operators, go to the ‘Hockey’ option on the ‘Sports’ section, choose NHL futures, and proceed to place your bet on the ‘Stanley Cup 2021’ market.

Where to bet on NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

You can bet on NHL Stanley Cup 2021 either online or offline. To bet online, you can bet on the event on any of the sportsbooks we have reviewed (DraftKings, FanDuel, Bet365, BetOnline, and Bovada)

Are there any free bets for NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

Currently, no. However, when the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 begins, the different bookies might provide free bets to the players.

Where is the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 final?

The venue for the NHL Stanley Cup 2021 final is yet to be announced.

Where is the NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

NHL Stanley Cup 2021 will be held in the arenas only that there might be limited crowd capacity.

What date is the NHL Stanley Cup 2021?

The dates for the start of the NHL Stanley Cup is yet to be announced. However, the 2020/2021 season is projected to start on January 1, 2020.


The 2020/2021 season is not yet running but the bookies are running! Follow our page for more predictions, tips, and any updates on the odds and betting markets.